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Medical Display Taking Method
Oct 17, 2017

According to the regulation of "dispensing room system": After consignee, the prescription content, patient name, age, drug name, dosage, dosage form, method of taking, taboo, etc., can be redeployed in detail. Prescription matters should be followed in accordance with the "prescription system" provisions.

In case of improper use of drugs or a taboo prescription and other errors, the formula and the physician to contact the correction after the redeployment. The formulation should be careful and careful, comply with the deployment of technical practices and pharmaceutical section of the operating procedures, Medical Display weighing accurate, not estimated to take drugs, the deployment of western medicine prescriptions prohibit direct contact with drugs. The weight difference limit and inspection method of powder and capsule are handled according to relevant regulations.

Prescriptions containing poisons, drug-restricted drugs and narcotic drugs are administered according to the "drug, regulatory regime for drug limitation" and state regulations governing narcotic drugs. Formula must be used in accordance with the medicinal specifications of raw materials and accessories, when there is a deterioration phenomenon or labeling of drugs, need to ask clear or qualified after the identification of the deployment.

Chinese herbal formulae need to fry first, Medical Display after Blunt and other special decocting drugs, must be a single package annotated; to the need for temporary artillery roast Chinese medicine, should be in accordance with the medical requirements of the processing, to ensure the quality of Chinese herbal decoction. Prescription allocation should be issued after a strict check, the dispensing room has more than two people work, the prescription should be matched by another person to check, or by the sender of the check, the dosage form, color, smell and so on to check, in the possible case, do a quick analysis. The dispensing and checking of the Inspectors shall be jointly signed in the prescription. The volume of the dosing bottle should be accurate, the bottle and the cork should be clean, the packing should be strong, clean and beautiful. The prescription should be written in detail in the bottle or medicine bag.

Where the emulsion, the suspension agent and the liquid prescription which produces precipitate, must indicate "to shake evenly before the service". External medication should be marked "shake evenly before use" and "can not be taken orally" and other words. When the drug should be patient to explain how to take care of the patient and precautions, not to introduce the nature and use of drugs to patients, Medical Display to avoid adding unnecessary concerns to the patient. Medical Display Emergency prescriptions must be accompanied by the allocation of the rest in order. Adjustment of the indoor storage bottles should be carefully checked. The dispensing table and the storage bottle should be kept clean and placed at a fixed location. Wash the utensils immediately after use and put them back in place.

Outpatient Pharmacy, Inpatient Department Center Pharmacy, emergency department Pharmacy is a first-line pharmacy department, heavy workload, due to the system, Medical Display personnel quality, responsibility and other reasons, error accidents occurred, mainly manifested as pharmacists are not strong sense of responsibility, drug mismanagement, packaging no label, prescription writing system is not strict and so on.