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Medical Display Automatic Adjustment Function
Oct 25, 2017

The large-scale normal hospital will have the PACS system, Medical Display but the first-class medical monitor is the system important constituent, its performance is good or bad will affect the doctor to the diagnosis to make the correctness. After purchasing a cost-effective medical monitor, Medical Display the use effect will also be affected if no maintenance is performed on the daily basis. So how do you maintain a medical monitor?

Some hospitals in order to save resources, Medical Display will not use the medical monitor to cut off power, in fact, this approach is wrong. Regular switching power supply will cause voltage instability in the transformer, but also damage to the switch, from previous experience to see the medical display failure is mostly due to the power switch problem.

The service life of the liquid crystal display will be affected by the life of the backlight lamp, Medical Display so consumers should set up the screen protection of the medical monitor, Medical Display especially if you should remember to turn off the power of the backlight lamp when not in use.

It is noteworthy that CRT tubes do not have the function of automatic brightness adjustment, it will be used for a long time and lead to lower brightness, so it should be revised to ensure the accuracy of the machine.

Medical display should avoid placing in the dust more places, Medical Display daily should also be regularly used by manufacturers wear cloth wipe off the dust on the monitor, as far as possible not to use the hand touch the screen directly, if not careful touch, then should be in time with a dry cloth to wipe off the finger print.

Equipped with a brightness constant device of medical display, so as to ensure that the brightness of the display will not be changed over time, more can ensure the consistency and integrity of the display; and the quality of the medical display has a guaranteed optical sensor interface on the back, Medical Display can access optical sensors for correction In the face of the doctor will be in the display above the habit of pointing, the choice of medical display should be equipped with LCD screen protection film, so that it will not be easily damaged.

In the face of size, resolution, brightness and other parameters, Medical Display consumers should choose with the medical display to meet the parameters, you can see the manufacturer's production manuals, better choice of good display, the recommended matching of the medical display has a dedicated graphics card.

In the medical sector is recognized in the medical display has 3C certification and FDA certification, Medical Display has these certification to represent its environmental protection, and in the security certification should also be CE, UL and other certification is qualified as a medical display.

Many dealers in the market, but medical display is part of the medical equipment, Medical Display so choose professional dealers for stability, after-sales service and so will be related to the normal operation of medical equipment, so the dealer's professional level for consumers when purchasing is also an important research project.