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Industrial Screen Performance Requirements
Oct 25, 2017

It requires more stability because it takes 24 hours, 365 days of uninterrupted work, power, and an industrial display that is much worse than a home-worked TV display. At the same time, Industrial Screen all aspects of industrial display performance requirements are higher than ordinary display, such as pressure, current, humidity, high and low temperature and so on. and the design direction is also different, for example, the TV set power 8 hours will appear aging, and industrial displays in high temperature, Industrial Screen high humidity power 24 hours before the aging phenomenon.

Environmental and work requirements, Industrial Screen industrial display housings are fabricated using metal. Interior is also industrial-level design, not easy to aging, led more electricity than the old technology and power consumption of LCD, industrial screen more convenient people stitching

and ordinary display shell using non-metallic materials, Industrial Screen interior is also a civilian design, LCD very power consumption.

Industrial screen Touch machine with no mechanical exhaust fan to maintain the air through to achieve the heat dissipation effect, effectively avoids the mechanical fans dust and noise problems, if the temperature increases the system will automatically maintain at the maximum temperature at the fixed value to continue to work.

Industrial-grade LED display with HD $number, Industrial Screen can also be adjusted according to their own resolution, anyway, easy to use. Because industrial monitors are usually used for static observation, Industrial Screen the color reduction is much higher than the normal display.

Touch in one machine in the industry price expensive, is largely because the import led industrial screen cost is too high, but the knowledgeable people are not hesitate to choose the touch, after all, Industrial Screen the highest cost-effective.

LCD LCD screen is Liquid Crystal Display of a abbreviation, the LCD structure is in two parallel glass placed in liquid crystal, the middle of the two pieces of glass with many vertical and horizontal small wires, through the power or not to control the rod crystal molecules change direction, Industrial Screen the light refraction out , resulting in a picture.

Good visibility is also a bright spot for industrial LCD screens. The LCD screen in industrial applications needs to support clear and accurate visual effects from multiple angles in a strong light environment. Most of the industrial environment is a strong light surrounded by the environment, Industrial Screen so that the visibility of the display presents a major challenge.

Industrial LCD screen is used for industrial LCD screen, with a variety of display size and installation methods and so on. Unlike ordinary LCD screens, industrial screen can adapt to extreme environment, and has lightweight, beautiful, practical box structure, a variety of display sizes, Industrial Screen support serial port and USB interface, can use resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen, support VGA and AV signal input, industrial LCD screen is mostly used in the worse environment, Industrial Screen The normal commercial LCD screen is difficult to work under harsh conditions.