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Automotive Display Technology Will Be Applied
Oct 17, 2017

The display, 3D touch, man-machine interaction more and more new technologies integrated on the display, allowing users to drive and entertainment experience better. Technology and market demand will stimulate the development of the auto display market, the era of smart cars, the car display will become a huge treasure, Automotive Display how to open the treasure, testing the wisdom of every enterprise.

One is the screen size is larger, will reach 10 inches and above, and more HD (1080p), Automotive Display while OLED electromechanical laser display, touch screen, Couting and other new screens will appear in the car, the second is the multiple-screen integration, mainly refers to the function of the internal mainframe; third, in addition to the optimization of display aspects, the function is also more comprehensive, For example, Automotive Display the realization of real-time online; four is the open hole 3D, the scene enhancement and so on new display technology will be applied. Recently, Bosch Automotive Multimedia Division China Vice President Zhu Guangwei briefed reporters on the development trend of automotive display.

At present, some high-end vehicles using a large size display, such as the second generation of Volvo XC90 and Tesla model S. Zhu Guangwei believes that the era of automatic driving, there will be a larger display of demand, can be sure that high-definition large screen is the future development trend. Automotive Display But from the current user experience, the large screen is not entirely a good thing, the screen is the HMI (HMI) of the present carrier, the size of the screen should be and display of the content and function matching, not for the cool and blind pursuit of large screen. Desai Sivi Deputy General Manager section of the Government also believe that the Tesla big screen in fact from the aesthetic look is very abrupt, size needs to match the whole car interior styling.

For the application of new technology in reality, Zhu Guangwei told reporters: "At present, the popularity of the touch screen is very high, the front loading rate is also very high; Automotive Display HUD (up) also in the rapid promotion period, the benefits of the technology is that information displayed in front of the driver, the driver's eyes can not leave the direction of driving, safety can be greatly improved For human-computer interaction, different enterprises adopt different implementation methods, such as gesture, voice interaction, iris recognition and so on. ”

Automobile intellectualization is imperative, Automotive Display and the first sign of automobile intellectualization is to give the car a liquid crystal display, just like the change from function machine to intelligent machine. "Duan Yong told reporters that the initial stage, technical difficulties and costs will be a barrier, but with the increase in assembly volume, the cost will certainly fall." Automotive Display In fact, the central control screen is now gradually in the middle and low car assembly, I believe that in 2-3 years, the control screen will be fully popular, but the full virtual instrument screen will be a bit later.