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Automotive Display Maintenance And Customized
Oct 25, 2017

In the past five years, the automotive display market has been growing in two digits a year, the main reason is that the consumer demand for entertainment information in the car, Automotive Display automotive display, especially in the control of entertainment navigation system, has been from the standard car, into the public car to add value options. The business model is the maintenance of the relationship between the supply chain and the customer system. In the biosphere, it is the supplier of the traditional automobile industry.

Into the half self-driving, because in addition to the needs of the entertainment navigation system, advanced driving aid system, such as lane deviation, blind spot detection system, Automotive Display active vehicle distance control, night vision system, such as continuous loading, the need for safe driving information to show the increase, the car display has become necessary to prepare. The application market from the past central control entertainment navigation, to the dashboard, to the head display, even to the rearview mirror display, Automotive Display as well as the back seat of the control Panel began to increase demand. Because different applications have different supply chain, into the car display system tier one also more and more, Automotive Display the same also has more and more TFT LCD display manufacturers to join. The entire supply chain is beginning to show chaos, and higher-order goods and lower-order goods will exist at the same time.

Because of the complexity of the use of the car, can be personal or common, can also be driven by people or machines, the information in the vehicle will need to be in accordance with the driver's changes. However, in the half self-driving era, in order to meet the needs of different information, Automotive Display the number of installed display of a car can be increased from a simple 2 to 10 tablets, excessive information will cause trouble to motorists and affect driving safety. At present, the car manufacturers have embarked on the development of the next generation platform, will be towards the integration of the design, focusing on user experience, Automotive Display the biosphere will be more complex.

The car display can be easily divided into TFT-LCD display and non-TFT display. TFT-LCD display usually display images, non-TFT display usually display characters, generally more tn/cstn-lcd/vfd/pmoled material. 2016 Global auto display shipments of about 210 million, including TFT-LCD about 110 million pieces, Automotive Display non-TFT-LCD about 100 million pieces. The TFT-LCD market is about US $6 billion, not TFT-LCD about $500 million. By 2020, TFT-LCD is expected to be 150 million, not 80 million films. The TFT-LCD market is about US $7.9 billion, not TFT-LCD about $400 million.

Compared with the traditional display, Automotive Display the car display has higher reliability requirements, at least 1000 hours in a row to withstand 90 degrees of high temperature, Automotive Display and industrial display is only 80 degrees 500 hours of reliability testing. Automotive Display The car screen is higher than the industrial screen. While most are specially tailored, prices are much higher than traditional displays.

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