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Automotive Display Component
Aug 24, 2017

Automotive display is an important part of the car audio and video system, its role is equivalent to the home theater color TV, can receive car audio and video signals and playback on the display, but also in the car similar sports tools used in the display, Used in sports.

However, due to the particularity of the car, car display in addition to broadcast programs often have other. Such as connecting the car camera can automatically display the car behind the reversing of the scene, easy to reverse; in addition may also have a small speaker, small lights and other additional features. As the car interior space is relatively small, the car in the movement of the environment changes are more, so the car display device may also be equipped with automatic backlight adjustment, anti-glare, automatic angle adjustment and other functions to meet the particularity of the car.

The future of the automotive market is huge, for the car, the screen configuration is gradually taken up. In the past, the main car mainly to mechanical dial, but the car network, intelligent continued, the amount of information provided to the driver also increased significantly, so that the field of automotive displays more and more widely. Car configuration more screen, is already the trend.

The future shows more and more demand, a variety of occasions are the need to show the existence of technology, print screen, window display, bulletproof glass and car screen and other new technology research, so that the screen has more possibilities. Print screen so that the form of the screen has been liberated, and the window display is to allow the screen can exist a variety of occasions, bulletproof glass protection to enhance the durability of the screen, the car inside the screen is more and more people to travel, Also can enjoy the advantages of the screen. This is currently in the front-end research shows the application, it is worth a lot of attention. Perhaps one day when we read the newspaper, similar to the "Harry Potter" in the dynamic picture display, will no longer be a dream.